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Friday, February 29, 2008

De-Clutter Your Life - Keep the Good, Let Go of the Bad

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It's Autumn. Everyone is busy. Activities have revved up at work, school, church, etc. It’s easy to fall prey to outside pressures, schedules and responsibilities. You are so busy that you don’t have time to think about what you really want and whether you are getting the satisfaction from what you are doing.

Your thoughts might be, “If I can just get through this weekend, then I can focus on next week. Then I can begin thinking about next weekend,etc.” You keep moving, moving, moving without thinking about the meaning behind your activities or whether you’re really enjoying them! In the end you feel drained and not very satisfied!

In the Life Coaching world, one of the first steps to help improve your life is “de-cluttering”. What are the things in your life that drain you of energy and prevent you from doing what you really want to do? You put up with, accept, take on, and are dragged down by people and situations that you may have come to accept in your life rather than try to fix them. Now is the time to identify those things that drain your energy and focus on the positive activities.

Draw a line down the middle of a page. On one side put “Energy Drainers At Work.” On the other side put “Energy Drainers At Home.” This is an opportunity to identify and label the things, people or situations in your life that are dragging you down. As you think of more items add them to your list.

You may or may not choose to do anything about them right now, but just becoming aware of and articulating them will bring them to the forefront where you’ll naturally start eliminating, fixing or resolving them.

Good luck in your “de-cluttering” and take time to be grateful for the good things.

Mary Kay has over 20 years experience working in helping professions such as individual, couples and family counseling; 9 years in employee assistance consulting and 5 years in small business.

Mary Kay has a master’s degree in Educational Rehabilitation Counseling and receives ongoing training as a Life Coach through the Institute of Life Coach Training.

Her personal and professional philosophy is that this is your life, not anyone else's. There is no single "right" way to live, only a right way for you. Once you identify your deep personal values and design your life around them, it’s easier to honor your life, and feel good about the choices you make.

Areas of expertise include:
• Professional women wanting more balance in their lives
• Couples wanting to reconnect and have more fun in their relationship
• Women looking to create a new life or career for themselves.

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