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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

3 Ways a Lazy Person Can Declutter

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I've got a confession to make... I am a bit of a slob. Cleaning is not high on my list of priorities, and so I am afraid my home will never make it into Home Beautiful. I tell people that I like the lived in look, but the truth of the matter is that sometimes I look around my home and I'm a bit uncomfortable about it. So, I have been trying to find easy, and non-regimented ways of cleaning my home. I will share three with you now.

1. Do the dishes before you go to bed.

Notice I didn't say to put them away or anything radical like that? Making sure you wash the dishes is good for health reasons, if nothing else. Gone are the days when I would let them stack up and do them in one go. Thankfully, this is just a small job and it doesn't take that much time to do. It did take me over a week before I was doing it regularly, I admit. But at least now I have a coffee cup clean for breakfast. You may think this is not a lazy way to declutter, and the whole thing about doing the dishes every night implies regimentation, but in this case, the benefits outweigh the time taken. Coffee in the morning is essential, after all.

2. Fold up the washing as you get it off the line, or out of the dryer.

Again, notice I didn't say iron the clothes or put them away? This would be ideal, but for the more relaxed among us, at least if you fold the clothes they are easier to iron if need them.

3. Declutter one part of the house per week.

Who has time to declutter every day? Let's face it, energy levels go up and down. Interest levels in cleaning go up and down as well. It's not the most absorbing task, after all. Don't spend more than 10 minutes on this, and try hard to not think while you are doing it, it'll help when you throw all of those "valuable" items into the trash.

It riles me a bit, I will admit, when people think I'm lazy for not cleaning or decluttering fast enough. Sure, right now, there are papers strewn all over the spare bedroom's floor because I was looking for a specific item, but eventually, I'll clean that up. Sometimes it's easier, especially if you don't like regimentation, to take things in stages. Small, manageable stages, and build up slowly. For the lazy cleaner it can be a godsend. So, if you want to declutter a little bit at a time, try these ways and see how you go

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