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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Declutter Fast Review And Decluttering Tips

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Your option for selecting a starting point, especially if you can only work in short spurts, is to select a little concentrated area that you can declutter quickly and will not overflow into other areas of the house. A shelf, a cabinet, a drawer or one box is a good place to start. Another option is to divide up a larger room up into small pieces and tackle one area at a time. This is a small trick I learned from Declutter Fast, and it works well.

After you have chosen where you want to work, get your tools together. The most important tools are containers for the stuff you will be moving around. Cardboard boxes are also good for stuff that will be moved areas of the house. Make sure you also have a large and tough garbage bag for trash. Gloves are usually a great idea for obvious reasons. I always wear gloves because spiders are a big fear of mine, and when cleaning out stuff, spiders are almost sure to be present.

The following are categories for containers:

• Garbage can
• Stuff that you will be giving away to friends, family, or goodwill
• Stuff that you can sell (Declutter Fast has great suggestions for this, such as eBay)
• A recycling bin – cardboard, paper, glass and plastic are three of the most recycled items
• Stuff that you will be keeping
• Things that you have not yet decided about, make sure to keep this container small
• Things that you are going to keep, make sure you keep this organized.

After you are organized and have all of your containers and game plan together it is time to get started. If you don’t love it, use it, or need it then do something else with it. You would be especially surprised how much money you can make off of your junk, and Declutter Fast has a great game plan for sorting out which of your stuff goes in the correct places.

After you have packed your stuff, do not just let it all hang around for long on the trip to the dump, recycling, or goodwill. Not only are the boxes of things clutter in themselves, but it is way too easy to start pulling stuff back out, make sure you do not do this! If you have to get rid of large or a bunch of large boxes, some charities will do a pickup, so take advantage of that if it is available.

If your local community has a special time for putting out large items at the curb for pickup, take advantage. Make sure that you get all of your stuff in your car or right by the car so that you do not just stack them somewhere and procrastinate with taking care of all of your stuff. You did all of the hard work already, so make sure you take advantage of the fruits of your labor and finish off the easy part!

My name is Breanna and I use to be the WORST organizer in the world. It wasn't until I read some information on organization techniques and tricks that I finally got it together. A great organization book, and a book that I did a review on is here: Declutter Fast Review If you have problems with organization, or you have so much stuff you don't even know what to do with, you would be surprised how much the information will help you. I hope you enjoyed my article.

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