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Thursday, January 31, 2008

3 Ways to Declutter a House

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There are many of us that would love to realize the happiness that can come with organized living but we tend to live in homes that are simply overcome with clutter. If you have the problem of hanging onto things more than you should, and if piles of unknown objects and forgotten memorabilia are overwhelming your home then here are 3 practical ways to declutter a house.

Pick a spot and start your declutter system. I often start at the entrance to a room when I go about starting to declutter a room. Then I work my way around the room in a wave, not going back and not jumping forward. This has two nice effects, it helps you to be organized about your organizing, and if you need some motivation to keep going you can look at what is already done.

Timing is everything when trying to declutter a house. Many of us start to declutter a room and we get so deep into the mess that when it is suddenly time to stop we are left with a bigger mess, and no motivation to jump back in. It is better if you were to set a clock for a designated time and then to work at top speed until that clock went off. That way you accomplish the most in the time allotted and you don't get overwhelmed with doing just one more thing before you quit.

Search and destroy is the method that many people use when the are going to declutter a house. Take a couple boxes with you, one for anything that you are going to get rid of and the other for things that you are unsure what you are going to do about. When you are done, or when the second box gets full then go back through it and look at each item objectively to see if you really need to keep it. If you don't then put it into the other box.

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