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Monday, January 28, 2008

Declutter Your Mind And Free Yourself

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We are constantly rushing around and our 'to do' list gets longer and longer. It is like a running commentary in our heads. That long list of jobs is never ending, the pressure is mounting and we begin to feel like our heads are going to explode because it is all too much sometimes.

When this happens you really do need to stop and take a step back and think carefully about what you are doing and why you are doing it. There is a lot of talk out there now about decluttering our homes to make our lives more simple. Of course, it is true that if you get rid of clutter you begin to feel more in control of your life.

But what about your mind?

You see, how can we begin to sort our homes out if we have so much going on in our heads that is holding us back and slowing us down? It comes down to the same thing. It's all about clearing your head so you can spend more valuable time on more important things.

At times the weeks go by and we have so very much on our minds that we can never really focus on anything. Then we feel like we have 'lost' time, this time will never come back. So we need to take action and reclaim some of that precious time for us.

So, how do we go about decluttering our mind?

1. Write a diary

I know we don't all like to write, or feel we have no time to write but if you do have lots of anxieties or worries, then writing them down can help you put everything into some sort of perspective. It clears up space in your mind so you can then use it for more satisfying things. Try to set aside some time each day to write a few bits down. It will help in the future when you look back at when you did certain things.

2. Make a list

Declutter your mind by writing things in a list rather than keeping everything stored in your head. This way you won't have to remember everything all the time.

3. Let Go Of Negative Thinking

This is very easy to do and it is a bad habit! It is draining. Not just for you but for everyone around you. Some events in your life can cause you to think negatively and it can take a lot of time and hard work to change your outlook.

It is you and you alone who is in charge of what goes through your mind. However, we still allow ourselves at times to become so engrossed in negative thoughts. You need to try very hard to let go of these negative thoughts whenever possible as it will relieve your mind of too much stress.

4. Just Say 'No'

If you already have a lot going on then don't be tempted to add to it. Some of us just can't say 'no'. If someone asks something of you just ask yourself if you can really take this on now. Saying 'yes' all the time does become a habit and then you are stuck with doing it so start to train yourself to say 'no'.

5. Get On With It!

Did you know that it is amazing how quickly you can do something once you finally commit to doing it? Believe me, thinking about doing something often uses up much more energy than actually doing it!

6. Avoid Interruptions

At times we feel like we are getting nowhere because we are constantly being interrupted. We all have cell phones these days so we are accessible 24 hours a day! Why? What on earth did we do before they came along? Our mind will overload in no time at all so try very hard to avoid where possible.

These are the main tips that we can try to use daily. Every little bit helps. Remember also to take breaks now and then. We all deserve a break. No one is going to give us a medal for working ourselves to the ground. Taking even a few minutes 'time out' from a task will help you to clear your thoughts and then you can come back more refreshed and ready.

By following simple tips like these your head will no longer be full of clutter and too much information. By writing things down and taking action as soon as you can, you can declutter your mind and then you will have more opportunity to think about much more productive and enjoyable things.

Ayla lives in London, UK. She is a Primary School teacher and author of 'Your Unique Guide On How To Organize,Declutter & Simplify Your Life', where she examines the emotional side of clutter as well as many great tips on how to get your home and family sorted once and for all.

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