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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Taking Care of You: De-Clutter

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De-Cluttering our lives can be an extremely liberating exercise. There are many types of clutter than can hinder us having the quality of life we want and deserve. There is clutter that is in our minds as negative self-talk. There is the clutter that physically exists in our homes, cars, offices, such as old newspapers waiting to be recycled, stacks of magazines you will never read, old clothes that are destined for the good will because they no longer suit our style or size, etc. There is another form of clutter often referred to as “tolerations” that refers to all those nagging little things that drain our energy every time we encounter them. This type of clutter can encompass the other two types and also includes things such as the broken toaster that only toasts one side of the bread, the whistling kettle that no longer whistles, that phone call you’ve been meaning to make for two weeks. This type of clutter or tolerations, fill up time and space in our lives by their very existence. When we are able to reduce and then eliminate most clutter, we have so much more energy for what we really want in our lives.

So, what are you tolerating in your life right now? What broken down things, messes, eyesores, unsatisfactory conditions and circumstances, and behaviors (yours and those of others) have you been accepting and living with could you change or eliminate to immediately improve your quality of life? What has been draining your energy unnecessarily under the guise that “that’s just how life is?” All these little annoyances add up to cost you big chunks of your time and energy and are well worth eliminating.

Take some time this month to de-clutter your life. Make a list of your top 10 tolerations that could be eliminated by the end of this month. Take action and eliminate these things from your life. Cross items off your list as you eliminate them. Make a second list of your top 10 big tolerations that may take a while to eliminate and get working! Share your list with a friend for support and encouragement or email it to me at and I’ll support your intention.

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