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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home

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A messy home can make your life seem unmanageable. We all view our homes as an extension of ourselves, as do others. When they are a mess, it can be downright embarrassing. Take heart, for there is hope. The war against clutter goes on forever, but you can start winning the daily battle. Here are some simple, but powerful concepts that you can use to fight the clutter in your life.

  • Sort the mess

    This works best if you divide up the areas you want to declutter into logical divisions. Use a set of boxes and begin to sort items into functional groups. Constantly look for items that could be discarded, donated or sold. Make special areas or boxes for these items.


  • Everything should have a home

    After you have sorted everything in an area, look at the collections you have created. Try to resist stacking items where you used to, just because that is where you always put them. If you do not have adequate storage for your items, take a look at your local office supply store or department store. There are hundreds of novel products to create storage space in your home. Nothing should be without a home when you are done.


  • Put things away

    This is probably the hardest step to follow, but it is the most important in your daily fight against clutter. Sometimes you just do not feel like putting things in their proper place, but that little extra effort will go a long way to boost the appearance of your home. When you take those daily steps to stay organized, you will find after a while that it will become almost automatic. It is so much easier to keep a home decluttered when it is well organized to begin with.

When you look at your cluttered home as a whole, it can seem bigger than you. But when you break it down, and follow these simple ways to declutter your home, you may find that it is not as difficult as you first imagined, and the feeling of a clutter free home is very satisfying.

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