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Monday, March 10, 2008

Do Yourself A Favor And De-Clutter Your House!

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Do you remember the last time your house got a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering? Do you remember how beautiful it was and wonderful your felt when you would walk from room to room, knowing you had accomplished so much. This remembering is the key to getting and keeping the motivation necessary to get the job done. It's also the motivation to keep it that way.

If you can just get the clutter cleaned out (which can be very big job) you can very easily maintain that level of de-clutter. At the de-cluttered point it takes a very minimal effort to get it to the original de-clutter state.

Set aside a time every day and visualize your house de-cluttered and then take all the actions necessary to get it into that de-cluttered condition. Each time you get your house in that pristine condition, take the time to admire how it looks, enjoy every minute of it, memorize how it looks. Always keep that memory in your mind, daily. This is the fuel that keeps your de-cluttering drive alive. Always keep that drive alive. You will be very glad you did. Do you remember how your house looked when you first moved in and everything was in its place? Work daily to keep it that way. Do all of the necessary small things that don't take long now, but grow to monstrous proportions when they build up and build up. You owe it to yourself to keep your surroundings free of clutter. You owe it to yourself to keep everything clean and neat. It is so much easier to do it little by little, than to have it pile up and then try to tackle it. Think of some things you could do right now to start the de-cluttering process. Now, go do them.

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