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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wardrobe Closets Help De-Clutter Your Life

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Is your bedroom a magnet for clutter of piles and piles of clothes? Many people think they clean up their clutter by moving it around from room to room. On the other hand, just burying it in a closet does not really help either. All this does is just make the clutter grow. Investing in a wardrobe closet will help to alleviate some of the clothes clutter in your bedroom.

Before you can invest in a wardrobe closet, you must take charge of your clutter. Take all your clothes out of the closet and wherever else they are kept and sort them into three piles. Start with your favorite clothes, these go into the first pile. The second pile should contain the items that you do not wear. The last pile will contain the clothes that you do not love but still wear.

The most important pile is the first pile. Match everything up, such as bottoms go with what particular tops and so on. You could have a pair of pants that goes with several different tops, that is a good thing. The idea of this exercise is to make sure that everything has something to match with it. If something doe not have a match, is there anything in one of the other two piles that is a match. If not, then you will have to set it aside and maybe find a spot for it in your closet. Once you have put together several outfits, these can be set aside for inclusion in your new wardrobe closet.

How many outfits or combos have you now? Do you have enough to last a week? This will be your core wardrobe and should be kept grouped together for easiest access in your wardrobe closet. Next, group together the items that do not have perfect matches or items that you will just not wear that often but still like.

You may find that you have quite a few items left over. Take these items to consignment store, donate them to a local charity or hold a yard sale. The idea is to downsize so that your home is not cluttered with clothes that no one wears. Also, you are trying to get organized so that a wardrobe closet will fit nicely in your bedroom and that it will contain your most wearable clothes.

If you just cannot part with some clothes and there is not any room in the wardrobe closet then pack them up in storage bins and store them out of the way in the basement, garage or storage rental space. This principle of downsizing can be applied to other items besides clothing. This can be also be done for large shoe collections as well. In addition, you can perform this function in any closet or room in your house to complete your entire home de-cluttering project.

Remember, you can do all this. You do not need to hire a professional to de-clutter your home. Take your time and complete one room at a time. You may find that you need more than one wardrobe closet; however, you will be glad you took the time to de-clutter your life.

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