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Monday, January 7, 2008

How To Declutter Your Child's Bedroom

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Tired of a constant mess and a child's room that looks like a tornado has gone through it? If you find yourself overwhelmed by your kid's clutter don't get angry - get smart!

The first step to conquering your child's clutter is to teach responsibility and the basics of organization and how to declutter his possessions.

Resist the urge to wade into his mess with garbage bag in hand and take over. It's tempting. I tried it once (actually more than once) until it hit me like a truck as I sat in the middle of my son's disaster that I wasn't doing him a favor by taking over. Instead, I was removing his responsibility and letting him off easy.

You see, I would routinely pick up after him. And what a big mistake that was - so much so that when I occasionally asked him to clean his room (in the hopes of averting a cyclone that I then had to deal with) - he panicked. He became overwhelmed just thinking about the task at hand. He didn't have a clue where to begin nor did he have the required skills to break down the whole of the task into 'do able' chunks.

It wasn't until my own 'light' came on that I realized it was my job as a parent to teach him how to declutter and then how to maintain his newly organized room. In other words, it was I who needed to lay the foundation in which he could build upon.

To me, organizing is second nature. But for my ten year old son, it isn't. But over the years he has learned how to effectively declutter his room on his own. He now actually relishes passing along his outgrown toys and clothing to other children who can really appreciate them. He also does a daily room clean-up and has discovered that a basic level of organization and cleanliness is pretty easy to maintain.

By knowing that everything has a place he can now keep everything in its place. This was accomplished through a joint effort. Together we looked at the big picture that was his room and started trouble shooting. It wasn't until we found a place for everything that he felt he needed and wanted in his room (and a place for everything that got stacked outside his bedroom door in the process) did the whole task go much smoother.

Decluttering your child's room is only the first step. After you declutter the room you need to organize it. To learn more about how to organize your child's bedroom visit

To effectively organize your child's room you first need to go down to their level and view things from their perspective. Consider your child's space, storage, furniture and possessions from his or her height.

Foster a sense of ownership and encourage responsibility by giving your child as much storage space as possible. For some great storage ideas visit Le Masurier is an organizing consultant and freelance writer. She is a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) and is co-owner of a site geared to organizing and decorating children's rooms.